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Increased usage of Nuclear Power – advantages and challenges - worldwide

Monday, February 7, 4-5pm 3105 Etcheverry Hall

Edward (Ted) L. QuinnTed_Quinn_FEB_7

Past President, American Nuclear Society and Vice President, Longenecker and Associates

This presentation provides an overview of the Background, World Outlook, U.S. Outlook and challenges facing nuclear energy in its expansion worldwide. Major issues include demand for new energy sources and international prospects for nuclear, the path forward in the U.S. by DOE, NRC, and vendors and current and future challenges in the supply chain required to meet expected growth.

Interactions of Colloids with Radionuclides in Geosphere

Monday, January 31, 3105 Etcheverry Hall

nagasakiDr. Shinya Nagasaki, Nuclear Professional School University of Tokyo

Radioactive waste disposal is an inevitable issue in all countries where pursue the sustainable use of not only nuclear energy but also radioisotopes in industries and medical services. From the engineering point of view, it is important to improve the reliability of performance assessment and safety assessment of the disposal for the societal and public acceptance. To achieve this goal, in the University of Tokyo, the adsorption/desorption of fission products and actinides on colloids and the migration of colloids in the geologic media have been investigated, since the colloids associated with fission products and actinides can act as a carrier for them in geosphere and biosphere. In the seminar, our recent research activities shown below will be introduced.

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Economics and Nuclear Power Plants

Monday, January 24,  4-5pm, 3105 Etcheverry Hall


Dr. Radek Skoda

Visiting Researcher, Texas A&M University


It is the economics of any power plant which determines if the plant will be built and operated in the end. Comparison of cost structures for different base load and renewable energy sources underlines the specifics of nuclear power plants (NPPs). The corresponding sensitivity analyses identifies the main cost drivers and explains why and how the electricity supply function can develop in time and matches the changing electricity demand.

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Nuclear Central Asia

Monday, November 29,  4-5pm

3105 Etcheverry Hall

Professor Bekhzod Yuldashev Yuldashev_photo

CISAC, Stanford University  and

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences,

Ulugbek, Tashent, Uzbekistan

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Monte Carlo: Past, Present, Future


November 2, 2010

4:00pm to 5:00pm, 51 Hildebrand Hall

Dr John Hendricks

The Monte Carlo method was born of the Manhatten Project to end World War II with the first atomic bomb. Since then it has been widely used in many fields, particularly radiation simulation, and Monte Carlo computer codes have become the repository of physics knowledge. Modern codes are a million times faster and better, but also face significant challenges in the future.

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