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Dr. Tetsushi Hino


Dr. Tetsushi Hino

Visiting Industrial Fellow

Dr. Tetsushi Hino, will spend 6 months at the Berkeley Nuclear Research Center working with the NE's Reactor Physics/Neutroncs group. He will work on further development of the Advanced Correlated Sampling (ACS) Method, which could speed up Monte Carlo calculations by "sharing neutron paths" that will be used in Hitachi's multi-group MC code, VMONT. 

Dr. Tetsushi Hino is a Senior Researcher at the Nuclear Energy Systems Project within the Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory of Hitachi, Ltd. Dr. Hino's major research areas include: Advanced BWR fuel bundle and reactor core designs; and Development of method based on Monte Carlo calculation for precise evaluation of neutronic characteristics of heterogeneous fuel and core systems; initial core with multiple enrichment fuel bundles, partially loaded mixed oxide fuels, and advanced fuel bundle with heterogeneous rod and/or water rod layouts.

He worked on preparing a multi energy group neutron cross section library for HITACHI’s transport analysis code with NJOY, reactor core and fuel neutronic designs for high power density medium sized ABWRs (ABWR-600, ABWR-900), reactor core and fuel neutronic design for simplified small sized modular BWR (DMS), neutronic design and criticality analysis of the spent fuel transport cask, neutronic design of the advanced BWR fuel applying spectral shift rod (SSR) and evaluation of ABWR core characteristics with SSR*, and the development of advanced BWR core analysis method with the three-dimensional direct response matrix method.

Dr. Hino received his Ph.D. in Physics from TOHOKU University, Sendai, Japan, in March 1999, on Spectroscopic analysis of mesons with exotic quantum numbers.
*Works concerning about the SSR were carried out as a Senior Engineer of Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.