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Yasmina Rharade


- French Classes Préparatoires, Lycée Montaigne, Bordeaux, France (2008-2010)

- Grenoble Institute of Technology – Phelma engineering school, Grenoble, France: Master of engineering with major in Nuclear Science expected in 2013

Research work:

Yasmina Rharade is doing research at BNRC with Bethany Goldblum for the summer; she performs data analysis in fundamental nuclear physics for energy applications, in collaboration with researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Ms Rharade is helping in the design of an “event generator” for the Nuclear Activation Diagnostic Suite at the National Ignition Facility. This generator will help in the interpretation of existing NIF data used to infer the areal density of fuel in compressed capsules. This will help evaluating NIF’s performance on its experimental path to achieve ignition.